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Turd Furguson
Race Plates

Are you really charging people for additional number plates? That discourages upgrading categories, and makes it more expensive to mix up the season. Some courses are more fun on a single speed, some with gears. Why on earth do you have to charge people for a second number plate just because someone changes category or has a second bike? Whatever happened to the good old days where you could just use a sharpe and a paper plate? I realize you guys want to make money, but you're getting to be like my cell phone company, coming up with too many ways to get a dollar out of my pocket. Just put on good races with decent prizes (5 mile didn't even have prizes) and people will race, and you'll make your money.

Yes a plate cost $10 for the

Yes a plate cost $10 for the whole season and covers ICUP and USCS races.  Seems like a deal compare to a $65 licence... Upgrade are free.. If you go from beg to sport, or sport to ex.. Swap you plate for the next category and of you go.  

Each category has its own

Each category has its own number series so if you want to race in a different cat you will have to buy another plate.  There was a sponsor for 5mile who was going to bring some prizes.  That did not happen (at the last minute) so I went and got some cool medals for the podium winners

I just bought a new 5,000.00

I just bought a new 5,000.00 bike and you want me to drop 10 more frogskins on a new plate and I don't get any freebies? Not cool.

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